Thursday, May 14, 2015

Everglades Seafood Festival

Do you like seafood or have a day out with your family and friends? How about different activities?
Well i found a good place you can go. This event is a once a year event, just like the Miami-Dade  Youth Fair. It has live music and fresh seafood. The location is Everglades City, on December thirteenth of every year. The festival is a great place to go hangout with your family and friends. They have rides and games for all the kids. They also have many different types of food. There are also many different booths for everyone. The festival is an all-day event and there are many people, you have to be ready for anything. I do think it would be fun your family and friends if you go together.

"I go every year and i never get bored, I enjoy going on the rides and eating all the different foods. I usually go with my dad and some friend. We would get there at eight in the morning and then leave around six at night."
-Rebecca Veverka

"My wife and i usually go every year. We take our camper and camp over night. We would even brig food to grill and eat. Usually the Veverkas come by and they would eat dinner with us. We all would have a good time and make memories." 
                                                 -Troy Stevens                                              

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