Monday, April 13, 2015

Cabin Fever

Ever wanted to just get away from the city life, traffic, and people? well I found the best place you can go with your family! In a little place called St. Petersburg, it's the best way to get out into fresh air and away from the your regular busy life. Ever heard of a St. Petersburg KOA? Well, you are about to! This KOA allows you to rent cabins, bring your RV, or you can even bring your tents to camp out for a few nights. It is even pet friendly environment! Depending on what time of the year you visit the KOA, they plan something almost every day. They have movie nights,  bingo nights, teen club, teen party nights, and even a pool party twelve times a year for the younger kids. They have one every month. Everyone that visits this KOA yearly are very friendly and caring. The KOA is full of fun activity's to do with your family, for instance they have mini-golf, hot tubs, pool, biking, game center, and even boats that you can rent. They also have great fishing spots in the KOA, if you enjoy to fish. But you do need to bring your own food and bedding. Other than that everything is perfect in this little KOA. There is also an old bridge that you can fish off of a mile away from the camping area. It is called the "Sunshine Skyways Bridge" you can fish off there and catch many different fish you can also see on top of the water and maybe even see a shark! In the area there is also many beaches and little stores to shop at.One last part you should go check out before you leave is The Pear, The Pear has many little shops and restaurants to go to. You might even see some dolphins when your over looking the ocean. You should check this KOA out if your ever in St. Petersburg, I guarantee that you would have a great time with your family!

"We always come up here on our spring break, We've been here more times than I can count. I enjoy coming up here because all the different things that are here and not back in Miami. I also enjoy being with my uncle Austin and we always end up getting in some sort or trouble up here. All the members of this KOA are very understanding and polite, and the cabins and bathrooms are always clean."
                                                      -Rebecca Veverka

Our Spot!
This is a picture I took of a little spot in the KOA that my Uncle and I visit all the time, We had even carved our names in a stump bear the water. Every year we put a little line next to our names to show other people how many times we go there!


  1. you made KOA sound really interesting! I feel like I got special insight in it and really would like to visit! I also like how you included the picture you took at KOA.

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  3. Nice description it seems like a spot to just hang out and relax and get away from the noisy city. I like the way you describe the place it felt as if you had a close connection towards it. Although their were a few fragment errors overall nice review about the place.